Bello Music Serving children and educators in the community through music and movement since 1990. Each client is served with a program tailor made to suit their music needs, age and content appropriateness, and shared revenue possibilities. Please call 305-205-6041 to schedule an appointment to explore how Diane can serve you and your facility. Email: bellomusic@bellsouth.net

Themed Musical Presentations

Diane Bello has been performing shows for school audiences since 1990. Each performance is tailored to the request of the school.

Thematic music presentations include but are not limited to:

Mother Goose Turned Loose - can be tailored for toddler thru 5th grade! The current musical presentation  engages the older child in rap style call and response, hip hop beats, and the outrageous Mother Goose vernacular is a rich offering of vocabulary and historical life style that is kinda rock 'n roll (as the British have well appreciated for centuries!)

Americana - 1st grade thru adult. Patriotic songs, folk songs from our ancestors, Broadway, roots music, and rhythm and blues! Does it get any better than that? Our rich American musical heritage deeply resonates with everyone living on our soil; teacher and student alike.  It is the basis of much of our current music scene today. There is certainly a necessary place for Americana to connect our Miami students with the rest of this great vast land called America.

Impossible - 2nd grade thru middle school. A look at genre in the American culture including Broadway, Classical, Folk, Jazz, R&B, and rock music. Lyrical content refers to going after your dreams.

Preschool thru 2nd Grade -

Weather: It's Stormy or Sunny - a musical celebration of the moody South Florida weather. We throw in a little snow for those who like to use their imagination!

Imagination Station - Suit up like an astronaut. Breathe in the ocean like a mermaid. No limits to what you can be!

Add your own theme: Just plug in your own theme and Diane can whip up a show for your children with musical magic, lyrical inspiration, vocabulary enhancement, and some good fun!



Ensemble is an extra curricular class offered now for over to ten years to several Montessori schools in the Miami area. Ensemble features Diane Bello on guitar and keyboards teaching her original songs as well as classic children's music important to the American culture for many generations. All children are trained on the microphone in leading their peers in singing and reciting Mother Goose Rhymes and other time honored children's songs.

The class also offers an instrumental component of hand bells. All children learn basic rudimentary theory as well as how to play instrumentally in a hand bell ensemble. Bells are part of the weekly curriculum.

Call 305-274-7331 for an introductory class at your school.

Private Lessons

From little ones to seasoned musicians. From classical music to preschool nursery rhymes. From "Pac Man World 2" to American Authors "Best Day of My Life". From lessons on the Grand Piano to jams on the computer with Pro Tools to acoustic guitar jams to electric guitar grooves: Whatever my students want to learn, whatever keeps them passionate and excited to come back to lessons. Here are some highlights!

June 2015 - Student Carla Lombardo sang a song we wrote and produced here in the studio during her music lessons for Miss America Florida Pre Teen Pageant AND WON!!!

March 2015 - Student Sophie Gravier was chosen to sing for Palmer Trinity Graduation Ceremonies and sang to an accompaniment we produced here in the studio of John Lennon's "In My Life".

2013-2015 Special Needs Student Charlie Phillips has progressed in his music lessons like a champion, becoming well versed in all the sharp and flat scales, reading music, and producing tracks of his favorite video game music here in the studio.

Summer 2015 - Student Anushka Kalliechurran performed "Best Day of My Life" for a talent show using a track we produced here in the studio with her own back up vocals.

Summer 2015 - Judy Tate brought her grandchild to lessons, and found out she had MAD TALENT! Using the keyboard she bought for her granddaughter, she learned Little Big Town's (way cool) song " Girl Crush" in one lesson! Wow! The sky is the limit for Judy, who never knew the musical gifts she had.

Pitched Perfection

Pitched Perfection is a group music class that permits the children to learn current pop music styles in an age appropriate setting. All lyrical content is screened for positive messaging and age appropriate language. All classes are taught with electronic keyboard and guitar (played by instructor only). All children are taught how to sing on the microphone and given opportunity each class to lead their peers from the mic. Children are encouraged to bring CD's of their favorite music which is then transposed and performed live by the instructor in the proper key for the children singing. All songs are choreographed with movements created by the children and instructor together.

Diane DeCenzo Bello - Singer/Songwriter